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Take it with you everywhere you go and add it to anything. It's easy and it's science! It all comes down to a few things - the ingredients and method, the extra bioavailability, it's fully dissolvable, it's flavorless, easy and fun!

  • Hemp oil is often destroyed by stomach acid. Less then 10% of hemp oil that’s digested, makes it into your bloodstream. Our hemp powder is designed to perform inside your body. We use a special encapsulation method and a proprietary encapsulation material to make sure that our hemp oil makes it into your bloodstream at the highest absorption possible.

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What is Water Soluble CBD?

  • This is it!

    Water-soluble CBD is typically pure CBD oil that has gone through a 4-step process that turns the oil into ultra fine crystalline particles, making it easier to be absorbed in the body. Here at b/c brand our scientists have encapsulated the highest quality hemp oil using our patented, pharmaceutical grade filtration methods.

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How Do You Use Water Soluble CBD Powder? You can mix our CBD with

Cakes, icecream, tea, coffe, sauces, and much more! You can now use CBD in your morning coffee, on the go with iced beverages or any other beverage that would make water soluble CBD an ideal choice and we’ve got all of it. Why? Water soluble CBD is easy to digest and has no unpleasant taste which makes it perfect for getting your daily dose!

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