Delta 8 - Water Soluble Delta 8 Powder - Flavorless - 1000mg
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Our Water Soluble Delta 8 Powder is a great oil and tincture replacement. b/c Water Soluble Delta 8 Powder has ten times the absorption rate of other brands, is extracted from hemp, and is an...
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Our Water Soluble Delta 8 Powder is a great oil and tincture replacement. b/c Water Soluble Delta 8 Powder has ten times the absorption rate of other brands, is extracted from hemp, and is an easy-to-use tasteless powder that you can add to any food or drink! You can add our powder to water, sports drinks, tea, coffee, homemade cookies, gummies, yogurt, protein shakes, even lotions, and much more.

Our scientists at b/c brand have invented a patented encapsulation technique to transform full spectrum Delta 8 hemp oil from the flower into a state-of-the-art powder that fully and permanently dissolves in just water or any recipe. Each packet contains 1000mg of delta 8, 10.6mg per serving. Our water-soluble delta 8 powder is independently lab tested and contains >.03% of delta 9.

Our Delta 8 powder is not for use by or to be sold to persons under the age of 21. You will be required to sign an age verification document prior to your order being shipped. These products should only be purchased in locations where delta 8 is legal to purchase or use.

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What's included: When you order any of our water-soluble powders, you will receive one convenient resealable package of Water Soluble Powder to keep it fresh and a plastic spoon for proper dosing.

Ingredients: Our encapsulation ingredient is a natural common food additive called Modified Food Starch and the active ingredient in our powder is hemp-derived Delta 8, an ingredient in functional wellness food and beverages throughout the world.

Bio-Available: The encapsulation also improves bioavailability and strength by protecting the Delta 8 from stomach acids, allowing for higher absorption.

Dissolvable: Powder easily dissolves into your favorite beverage or another recipe. Our product will not bond to container surfaces or fall out of the solution like other oils or distillates. It only mixes perfectly with the food or drink of your choice.

Flavorless: Our Delta 8 powder has zero taste and will not interrupt any food or beverage recipe. Perfect for all of your health-conscious Delta 8 creations. Enjoy cereal, lemonade, or just a plain glass of water!

Where is it made: All b/c products are made fresh in a lab in Minnesota. This facility is where creation, testing, processing, and packaging take place.

Shipping: Get the best water soluble Delta 8 powder on the market shipped straight to your door. Shipping is fast and we even offer wholesale and bulk orders!


Only use as directed, do not vaporize or smoke. Use of this product may cause you to fail a drug screening. Consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplements, especially if you are taking medication, have an illness, or allergies. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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*Legal Disclaimer: Our Delta 8 is completely hemp-derived and contains >.03% delta 9, therefore deemed legal according to the 2018 Hemp farm bill. Please see our attached legal opinion letter for a further explanation of the legality of Delta 8.

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